We are currently seeking individuals who are driven to build an organization within a proven structure.  We are not looking to tell you how to run, recruit, train, or sell.  We want to provide you with the tools, relationships, and contracts that we have been able to put in place.  We know that in order to find people who will devote themselves to an organization we have to be willing to share in the mutual success of all.  So we are prepared to offer production based bonuses, incentive trips, and even ownership in our organization.  We believe very strongly in the concept that a rising tide will raise all ships.  Please do not delay in contacting us.  These opportunities are limited.

  • Contracts with GA over rides
  • Incentives for top agencies - bonuses and free stock options
  • Incentive trips
  • Retirement Income for you and your spouse
  • Lifetime renewals
  • No quotas or bosses
  • Freedom to run your agency as you see fit
  • Top level contracts on all product lines
  • Sales ideas, concepts, brochures, marketing
  • Shared expenses for things like CRM, E&O, Admin

We know you know what you are doing.  We want to put you in a position to truly own the fruits of your labor, enjoy your chosen career, and help others in the process.  Please contact us today to discuss this potential opportunity.