Go Fund Me :-(

I continue to see more and more "Go Fund Me" pages and the like in the past year.  I would like to provide an educated take, from the perspective of an insurance agent.  I first want to make very clear, I in no way disregard these sites as trivial or lacking in social value.  I love the idea that someone who is a starving artist, struggling musician, or the like; can find a place to ask others to help them on their path.  However, I have begun to see "Go Fund Me" as a fail safe for those who didn't take the time to plan or prepare for their future.  They didn't stop to think about protecting themselves or their loved ones.  I know I go to work every day with a passion of providing assistance to clients so that they can prepare and protect.  For instance, this week I wrote a term policy for a 30 year old male with 4 kids.  For less than $100 a month he was able to protect his family with 3 million dollars in life insurance!  I don't think a "Go Fund Me" page would get him there.  I also had a client spend $200 per year that will provide him with $2,000 per month in income if he were to become disabled.  Again, he will need a lot of friends to produce that much in donations monthly.  It tears my heart out every time I see a young family devastated by loss.  Whether that's loss of income or loss of a loved one, it's not something that can be replaced through "donations".  The only way to truly provide and protect your family is by pooling your risk ahead of time, not by pooling your donations after.  With insurance, we can protect our future, protect our income, provide for our family, and have the peace of mind knowing that those we love will be able to mourn our loss and not grieve for their future!