IRS & Private Debt Collection - Will you get a letter?

In an effort to collect on back taxes owed, the IRS will use the following private collection agencies to help them:  CBE Group of Cedar Falls, Iowa, Conserve of Fairport, NY, Performance of Livermore, CA and Pioneer of Horseheads, NY.  First, we have to assume that this action will cause the unscrupulous to come up from their lowlands to take advantage of this.

First, and foremost, the IRS will send you a letter letting you know which agency will be handling your case.  Second, the responsible agency will send you a letter. Do not give out any personal information until you know to whom you are talking to.  The IRS is very serious about keeping your information safe - you need to be extremely careful also.

Accounting Basics Plus is able to assist you in these matters.  If you have been throwing notices from the IRS into a drawer, the time to act is now!!  Before a collection agency calls you.  Taxes owed can be negotiated - you just need to start the process.

There are many ways to contact me!!!  Don't procrastinate.  The IRS has been short handed and busy, but now they have the means to collect on those past due taxes.

Authored by Judy McNeely, AFSP

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