Becky is the proud mother of three daughters.  She lives in Normal with her daughters Abby, Sadie, and Jillian and their tiny “runt-of-the-litter” Maltese dog, Lucy.  She is a foster and adoptive parent through The Baby Fold.  The family attends Jacob’s Well Community Church in Normal.  

Abby is 11 and was adopted by Becky when she was 5 years old.  Abby enjoys baking, playing basketball and volleyball, screeching on her viola, singing, and dancing and doing all things dramatic.  Abby has a beautiful servant’s heart and is a great helper at home.  She is an awesome big sister.

Sadie is 8.  She is a lover of artsy fartsy things and all things dog.  Sadie likes to spend time writing and illustrating her own stories, collecting and organizing trinkets, and teaching Lucy new tricks (so far Lucy can roll over…).  Sadie has been amazingly resilient as I foster children and I commend her for having an open heart.

Jillian is 3 but tells everyone she is 6.  She has a big personality and takes charge of any room she enters.  Her adoption was finalized April 17, 2018, after 777 days in foster care.  We are so thankful that she is officially a Berry!  Jillian is obsessed with sharks and fish and the mystery of the ocean.  Jillie loves to perform and is always looking for a stage.  My prediction is that she will be mayor someday!

Becky grew up in Carlock, Illinois with her parents, Dave & Sue Berry, and siblings, Kristen, Jon, and Justin.  She attended Carlock Elementary School through 6th grade.  She then went to Parkside Junior High School, Normal, IL.  Becky attended University High School, Normal, IL.  Becky received her BA in Psychology, Religion and Studio Art from Hope College, Holland, MI in 2006.  

After working in many different industries, (ag business, healthcare, printing) Becky decided to pursue a career in insurance.  Becky joined our team in March 2018 with a year of experience in the insurance industry.  As an agent, she hopes to work with all types of people providing all kinds of insurance and investment needs.  Becky wants to also spend time educating single parents and women about the importance of insurance and the different types of investment tools.  She is looking forward to getting to know our current friends/clients and bringing in new people and families to help.

Becky Berry  309-830-2398

Becky Berry