Seasoned but captive

As a former captive agent, I and the other owners of IAM, understand the unique benefits, pressures, experiences, and obstacles to the captive environment.  We also understand how hard your current agency and insurance company work to convince you that you can not make it without them.  Let us stand as a beacon to show that there is success outside the captive environment.

That doesn't mean that things are always better.  However, they are definitely much different.

  • Do you enjoy quotas?
  • Do you represent the company or the client?
  • Does your company allow you to offer the best options, even if they are from a competitor?
  • Do you get bonuses based on company profits?
  • Is there any path to ownership in the company?
  • Are there restrictions on who and where you can sell?

As a seasoned but captive agent you know that this is both the greatest and sometimes toughest business out there.  We understand that and we took the leap to independence.  If you are interested in potentially making a transition please know that we want to see you succeed.  Some help that we can offer could include:

  • Higher commission payouts
  • Back office support:  CRM, E&O, Admin, Etc
  • Bonuses and Ownership potential
  • Wide array of products, companies, markets
  • Mentors, Sales materials, start up kits, Social Media, etc.

Don't worry, we aren't selling franchises.  We aren't charging you money.  We truly understand where you are and where you want to go.  We want to help you and your family get there.  A phone call or email never hurt any one!